Cost Saving Efficiency

Our team knows that a well run project is an efficient project. We make significant investment in our continuous improvement projects to ensure that we are finding new and exciting ways to increase efficiency, quality and overall productivity. Whether it is investing in new robotic welding technology; OTC Robotic ARC Cells or a fully electronic business management system focused on shop floor management.

Shop floor efficiency through electronic ERP allows for faster quoting, real-time scheduling, resource management and tracking through the entire fabrication process. Our use of electronic travelers allows for efficient communication and transfer of requirements including drawings to the welders and quality inspectors while maintaining positive document control and revision at all times (configuration management). Barcoding products allows for a seamless paper-follows-product flow throughout the production and shipping process.

These and other efficiency initiatives have proven themselves to save money and provide a consistent project completion with the customer ultimately benefiting through direct cost saving options that we offer. One such option we offer is direct purchase of bulk materials based on our government owned material management experience with the MOX Fuel Fabrication facility. Every project is unique and we assist our customers to find the best cost savings and efficiency options for their needs.