Quality that exceeds

eland Industries is committed to our team and products meeting or exceeding our customers expectations. To that end we have developed a top tier quality program that exceeds the requirements of our commercial and government partners. Our years of experience and drive for new efficiencies through technology have helped us develop our job floor processes and quality program to work hand in hand. Our program allows for quality inspections to occur in process with electronic workflow touch points and tracking with no interruption in flow and eliminates manual process based error.     

Technology Assisted Quality

Our Quality Inspectors utilize the industry standard methods of inspection but are supported by further advanced technology in the form of the WIKI-SCAN portable laser inspection system that is trusted throughout the world from the US Army to various nuclear plants and suppliers.

Industry Standard Compliant

Our quality program is designed and approved to be ISO-9000 compliant, NQA-1, 10 CFR 50 APP B, ASME B31.1 31.3, NISC, ANSI N45.2, 10 CFR 50 PART 21. ASME SEC VIII and III compliant awaiting audit.